Mouse Stamp 20

If you enjoy geocaching, you should take a good look at our Stamp Mouse. The Stamp Mouse is a small pocket stamp that will easily fit into a daypack, shirt pocket or hang from your GPS strap. The Stamp Mouse is perfect for signing geocache logs. It can be customized with your initials or logos and pictures that represent you or your family.


Description: Easy to use one-handed click and stamp operation. Crisp, clean impressions every time. Compact construction makes it solid and built to last.  A stamp that you can call your own. Fill out the information below to create a stamp that is unique to you. We will ship this item within 1-2 business days after approvals.

Images:  Please try to provide black/white clip art or line drawings for the stamps.  Photographs can not be used as an image on the stamp.   Too much detail on the image can be lost if the image is quite small.  If you have any questions regarding the images, please let us know.

Proofs:  Keep an eye on your emails as we may send you a proof to approve prior to producing the stamp.  If the layout is simple, then we will not be sending out a proof unless it is requested in the instructions.

Impression area: 1/2 in. x 1-1/2 in.

Choice of Black ink only

Font Type (For Text Only)


Use the "Special Instructions" space when ordering to specify additional formatting instructions for your stamps. By default, all lines of text are formatted with the same typestyle, point size and justification. Feel free to describe any changes that you wish.

Some examples:

  • Please bold the first line and make slightly bigger than the other lines.
  • Underline the e-mail address on line #2.
  • Use type style "Arial" on lines 1  and "Times New Roman" on 2.

Please fill in your information below.  If you have any questions, or need assistance with your design, email us at and we will be glad to help. Please note, these are custom items, so please verify design as we can not provide any exchange or refund once these are produced.

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